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Wonderful Experiences

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011
Issue 22, Volume 15.

It was later in the evening, raining, and a holiday – Mother’s Day – when I heard a strange noise outside. When I went to take a closer look, I was devastated to find that we had an electrical problem. The problem was so severe it eventually required SDG&E to come shut off the main power.

I desperately searched through the local directory to find an electrician to come see what they could do to help us out. After several phone calls and desperate messages, I finally got a call back. We would like to thank John Funkhouser of Funkhouser Electric for taking the time to help us out, sacrificing his family time and coming out in the rain.

We eventually got a return call the next day from another company, but John was the only one to call back the same day and drop what he was doing to help us in our emergency.

We highly recommend John not only for his expertise, but his kindness and willingness to help. Thank you, John Funkhouser Electric. You are truly an asset to Fallbrook.

Randy & Terri Harsha

Article printed in The Village News

Fallbrook local, born and raised, but he will come to you! Would not go anywhere else for my electrical service. Does it all, new, old, remodel, will hook up your Jacuzzi too, just have to ask. Great service, timely response, and best bang for your buck being a younger guy who has been raised in a construction family business - strong, quick and smart! One of the youngest in the state ever to successfully pass and receive his Electricians License - First Try! DO NOT get anything done until you have gotten an Estimate from Funkhouser Electric! A Fallbrook Name ANYONE can Trust! -Google Review

We were new to Fallbrook and had purchased a fixer. John was recommended to us so we thought we would give it a shot. I could not say enough good about him. Left alone while my husband took care of business in Orange County, John guided me the entire project! With major work required, I placed trust in John to guide the project. Professional, knowledgeable, prompt, courteous and reasonably priced! Thanks John My husband and I could not be happier. I wish I could take you with me on all of our out of county projects. -Deva Lambert

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